Jul 10, 2008


Today there was screaming, and lots of it. At one point I tried a new approach and asked the kids, "What is more important- this Thomas dvd, or your friendship?"

To which Mia responded, "What do you mean friendship?"


At another point, I asked them, "what should I do with 2 kids who are always fighting?"
Mia said (and I'm not making this up), "ummm, give them away and get 2 new ones?"

I had to pretend to be appalled.

Right now I have about 500 grains of cooked rice on the dining room floor. And they're still screaming.

Please refer to my previous post, #14.

UPDATE: OK, I love my kids again. They have this way of going to sleep each night (eventually) and looking so angelic it's hard to believe it's even possible for them to misbehave. Makes me think I can get up and do it all again tomorrow after all.


Courtney said...

Does Mia go to school this fall? Matt took Lucy from 7:30-6 yesterday. It was like heaven. Emma didn't scream or cry once! It was like I had a whole new kid.

Eric Devericks said...

Amara came home today from a week in Oregon and I had to make her say Hi to Sully. I then asked each of them if they'd missed the other and they both said "NO" with very little hesitation. They'll grow up to be best friends (that's what I keep telling myself).

Anonymous said...

I found your blog with a link from Brandi, your a very entertaining writer. It was nice to have a good laugh before bedtime.