Oct 6, 2009

Before I Know It, He'll Be 18 Right?

When I tell people that Nate is 16 months old, I often have people actually tell me that it is their favorite age. I usually politely smile and respond with some sort of vague pleasantry, but inwardly I'm thinking WHAT THE EFFING CRAP?!  Either people routinely will tell you whatever age your child is is their favorite just to be nice, or most everyone has pushed their memories of their own children as toddlers deep, deep down to some scary dark place that is completely unreachable except through electroshock therapy.

All I know is that I increasingly find myself looking at my budding toddler and wistfully recalling the good old days of babyhood. Remember when you would sleep for hours every day Nate? Remember when you couldn't walk or even crawl, and instead happily sat  playing with an actual baby toy for 45 minutes at a time? Remember how it was before you developed gross motor skills? It was awesome.

This however, is not awesome.

Tearing toilet paper into little tiny pieces does not make for a happy mom.

Do you know what is even less awesome? Doing this just a few hours later:

Yes, that's toilet water all over the floor (and down the hall). I swear I had closed the bathroom door earlier this morning. Sam must have used the potty before school, which would mean, you guessed it, that's pee water. So. Flipping. Awesome.

And who was the kid who threw a hysterical tantrum at Albertsons later this afternoon because I wouldn't buy him a stuffed animal?

And who thinks it's a challenge to try to get out of his high chair now at each meal?

And who screams and arches his back every time he gets puts in his car seat?

And who walked over and hit Sam on the top of his head with a heavy plastic toy today?

(OK, actually that was pretty funny. )

And who is my only child sleeping through the night in his own bed still?

For that reason alone, I love you. Just stay out of the toilet.


Tiffany said...

If it makes you feel any better, this is really funny.

Dakin said...

Elizabeth just exited her screaming phase b/c she realized if she stayed quiet she could be mischievous. She opens the fridge on her own (we need to get another fridge lock) and b/c she can't get anything open herself she just starts biting into the plastic wrappers on things like hot dogs and string cheese. We're happy that she's not screaming anymore, but she's quietly getting into trouble more. I'm just glad she's not 2.5 yet. 2.5-3.5 was the worst with my older kids!

Courtney @ Ordinary Happily Ever After said...

just wait until he stops taking naps 2 years before his sisters (uh, I mean siblings) did and tries his hardest, every day, to change his own dirty diapers. Safety pins won't work for long!

Mary said...

All I have to say is I am so glad that my kids never found the toilet paper or the toilet fun to play with or in. Jess is my only one for a very brief time found it fun to put things in the toilet. Just remember, this too shall pass. Love you

Aimee said...

My sis and I had this exact conversation about 1-2 year olds yesterday as we are watching my other sisters 20 month year old. They are a handful! You captured it so perfectly. Had to forward to my sister since we just talked about this.

Your posts crack me up.

Carolynn said...

I am laughing hysterically because I can picture it all in my head. Wait until he gets the toothpaste and then you'll wish it had been the toilet paper! We often get both of those joys in the same day. Or how about the permanent marker (which I would have bet my life I had cleared the house of) all over the carpet. And did I mention mine was 3? Miss you!

Jenelle said...

Ok, I can top that: Sophie, who is 4.5, cannot resist putting the nastiest possible things in her mouth. Today, at the thrift store, she was licking (yes, LICKING!!)the bottom of a shoe she found. Last week, she discovered a penny on the floor of a public restroom and promptly popped it in her mouth. But possibly the worst was when Corbin was 3 and managed to pull the sink stopper/stick thing out and suck on the hairy, moldy, filth like it was a lollipop. Sadly, I don't think they'll be any better at 18.

Anonymous said...

Ok, this made me laugh out loud. You kill me. Nate...easy on your Mom!

Anonymous said...

Good thing that he is sleeping through the night -- that seriously makes up for so much!

Threet family said...

I seriously love your blog. I think you are so awesome. If you don't ever read my sister Shemri's blog, I think you should. You guys enjoy the same humor.