Mar 10, 2011

Going Dutch

It's after midnight, which of course means that I have no interest in sleeping. Why would I? I only spent all day long wanting to go back to bed. Everyone knows that insomniacs love sleeping, but only at any time except night. So here I am, wide awake and wanting to write. That hasn't been happening much lately for some reason. Looking at my blog archive for the year, four posts in two months is pretty pathetic indeed. Maybe that means I've been sleeping more, but I really don't remember. But since I hear that getting lots of sleep is good for your memory, I'm thinking that's not too likely. And I can tell you that for the next few months there is going to be even less sleep going on, and probably less blogging too. Sorry folks (folk maybe, at this point?).

Perhaps it's because I spend a lot of time with toddlers, but I'm imagining you throwing a big tantrum right now. I'm also imagining that you are inconsolable and it's going to take something crazy to stop your crying already! Well are you ready?

We're moving.

To Amsterdam.

And I didn't misspell any of that, or lie, or even exaggerate. And that's a pretty big deal, for me.

Seriously, we're moving to Amsterdam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you remember a year ago, how we went to Mexico, and I wrote this Message to the Universe, and there was a lot of questioning of our sanity, and then I didn't write anything about it for an entire year because it seemed utterly ridiculous? Well, as it turns out, Oprah is true, and the Universe is an awesome Universe, and Mark's company has finally agreed to transfer him to their office in Amsterdam. Just like that.

I imagine at this point that you have a lot of questions. Let me try to preemptively answer:

1. Yes, we know-- red light district, marijuana, legal. We still want to go.

2. Probably 2 years, maybe longer.

3. Yes, super excited. Thrilled.

4. Extremely terrified. Extremely.

5. Mark has started to learn Dutch already. I can say cheese, which I believe is pronounced "gouda."

5. Our kids are excited, depending on the day. It helps that we tell them that there are no streets and cars there, only canals and boats.

6. We don't know. Sometime in June or early July. There are a lot of relocation details we are still working out.

7. Yes, we will miss you all(!!), and we hope we get lots of visitors!

So in the meantime, if I drop off the face of the blogging world for a few months, I will resurface from Amsterdam and we'll continue where we left off, except with a fake dutch accent and wearing lots of scarves.

Stay tuned for Bardsleyland: Dutch Edition, where I imagine the Universe will teach us a lesson or two.



Courtney @ Ordinary Happily Ever After said...

WOW! Awesome! Keep your kids close to you in air ports :) Preferably on leashes. They are beautiful and would make some wonderful slaves. I'm just sayin'

But other then that AWESOME! If we come into some money, we are so visiting! You officially have to post at least once a week once you are there. And I want pictures!

Karla said...

So cool! Can we come visit?

I am sending out a message to the Universe too.....

Shelly said...

Wow and all this time I will be stuck here in good ol' Spanish Fork. Enjoy it for me!

Gabriela Hull said...

This is AMAZING!!!! I am so excited for your family. Congratulations!

Lindsay said...

Thank you for confirming my testimony of Oprah and The Secret.

I'm totally jealous and so happy for you!

Carrie said...

Welcome to Europe!

Kacey said...

Wow!! So exciting! I can't wait to hear about all your adventures.:) Good luck with getting ready to leave the country!

Kim said...

That's incredible!! Good lukc in working out all the details. What an awesome adventure for you guys! :)

Aimee said...

I am thrilled and totally heartbroken.

Who is going to soothe my next baby?
Who will go to sushi with us?
Who will share and listen to secrets about our children with us?

We will start negotiating with Lee to volunteer some of his frequent flyer miles so we can make the trek over and see how corrupt your kids have become with all the drugs, liberalism and nudity. Not even Oprah will be able to help them!

We are so happy for you guys though. I know you have wanted this for a long time.

LAURA said...

awesome! spencer served his mission in holland, and he took me back there before we had kids. and we did hit amsterdam, although I don't remember too much. what a fun adventure. i foresee lots of bike riding in your future.

Angi said...

Awesome, jealous...but AWESOME!

Mary said...

I can't believe you are moving to Europe, but it will be an adventure for all of you!!

Neva said...

Wow! What an adventure! That is so cool ... We'll have to come visit you and try some of that delicious "grass" (*wink, wink*).

Jen said...

Holy Crap!
I am so happy for you but sad to miss you.
Best wishes and good luck on your new adventure. Please stay in touch.
I will miss you.

Meli said...

A couple of months ago, I tried to use the secret and just not be sick; it did not work.

I'm glad the universe came through for you at least. I expect to see you just as much over the next two years as I have the last 2 years (not at all if you need me to spell it out for you). Have fun.

weaverfam said...

Holy Tulips Donna! Can't wait to read the new adventures that are ahead for you.

Jan van Hemert said...

I just read your latest post, can image your thrilled and..worried..

I found your blog by accident, as you were the next blog after mine (

But as I'm Dutch and this cannot be a coincidence.. if there is anything you want to ask or know, contact me anytime..

My name is Jan, I'm 41 and I live with my wife and three kids, in Breda, which is more in the south of the Netherlands.. but if there's anything we can help you with..feel free..
good luck with the preporations!


Anonymous said...


tvmom said...

hey Donna...i miss your are you?