Aug 31, 2011


Nate has an inclination for directness and honesty that will serve him well here in the Netherlands.

Some examples:

When I'm telling Nate something he doesn't want to hear (such as, "it's not OK to spit at people"), he usually responds with, "Mom, stop talking."

This morning we had this little exchange while he was in the bath:
Me: Nate, you need to stop turning the water on. You have enough water now.
Nate: OK. But Mom, when you go away, I'm going to turn the water on again.

This was a fun one recently:
Mia and Sam were teasing Nate about being stinky. He looked at them for a minute and said, "Guys, I think we're done here."

But this one takes the cake.

Lady from church: Nate, does Jesus make you feel happy?
Nate: No, he just makes me feel weird.



Courtney @ Ordinary Happily Ever After said...

Guys, we're done here.

That's awesome

Matt "dubya" said...

Donna, I was kinda feeling a little down today. But then I went on your blog, which is something I haven't done in awhile, and your hilarious posts cheered me up. Thanks a bunch! =D

--Matt Wasson

Katy said...

I miss that kid. And the rest of you crazy Bardsleys.

Unknown said...

well designed, creative and attractive. Keep it up

Amy said...

Donna, you are a very clever writer! Love the entertaining posts and look forward to hearing more about life in Amsterdam. The photo of Nate is too perfect!

amberjoy said...

donna i love you!! your so brave! adjustment pretty much stinks unless your adjusting to a smaller pants size or an increase in income! if it makes you feel better i can start sending you all the chain letters my mother in law emails me.