Nov 27, 2011

That Time We Went to Belgium

Waaaayyyy back in October, we managed to squeeze in a quick trip across the border to Belgium.  In 4 days, we went to Brussels, Brugges, and Ghent. It mostly involved the following:

1.  Seeing and photographing a lot of really old things.
2.  Listening to our kids complain about all the "dumb, stupid" old things. 
3.  Realizing we are truly adults because we now enjoy dumb, stupid old things.
4.  Eating Belgian Waffles, and becoming true believers. 
(Note: they're considered dessert, not a breakfast item there. But nobody said you couldn't have them for dinner.)
5.  Having my first panic attack in an elevator, making this our first vacation where most of the hysterical screaming, crying, and hyperventilating was done by me.
6.  Walking right past a Michelangelo sculpture in a cathedral and not even realizing it.
7.  Hearing Nate refuse a chocolate sample by shaking his head and saying "I only eat food." Seriously, who is this weirdo and what kind of freaks raised him?
8.  Speaking of freaks: what kind of parents see this and say, "hey kids, go stand over there so I can take a picture"?

Well, we do, of course. What else do we do? We teach our kids songs and corresponding dances meant to embarrass them while we film them. Here's our Ghent theme song:
(If you need a hint, it's the word Ghent, set to the opening guitar riffs of Eye of the Tiger.)

And here's a slide show of Ghent, set to our theme song. You'll have to sing along yourself though.

While procrastinating doing other, less interesting things (see the laundry pic below), I made this little collage of Brugges. You had no idea I could waste time so well, did you?

          Would any trip synopsis be complete without a picture
of the post-trip laundry mountain? I think not. 


Courtney @ Ordinary Happily Ever After said...

Sounds like a blast (even with the kiddos ;) let me know if you visit the Corrie ten Boom museum.

Aimee said...

Looks like you and the freaks had so much fun. I love the singing.

Unknown said...

I was happy to see that The Amazing Race went to Gent right after I read your post. Looks like you guys are having fun!

Mary said...

Despite the pile of laundry that will be washed one article at a time, it looks like you had a great time. The pictures are wonderful and I love the video.