Aug 19, 2013

Post Traumatic Summer Disorder

You might be surprised to know that every so often I get very motivated blog-wise. It's exciting for about 2 days while I have an all-caps inner-dialogue: YES! I WILL BLOG! BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW WHY, BUT I FEEL LIKE I SHOULD! THERE WILL BE WRITING AND COMMENTS AND PICTURES AND MAYBE I'LL FIGURE OUT WHAT A GIF IS. IT WILL BE GLORIOUS! WHY AM I YELLING AT MYSELF??

Then something happens, such as my kids going on Summer vacation. And as much as I try to put them in front of the TV for hours on end, they always seem to be so needy. They're always like we need to get fresh air! We need constant emotional nourishment! We need healthy food! We need mental stimulation, so can you take us to the library or something?! Another play date? But we're getting along so well with each other! We're tired of video games, isn't there something educational we can do?*

But all that is over now. School started today, and I'm trying to remotivate myself blog-wise, though not with so many capital letters and exclamations points. My psychological state is a little fragile.

For example, as soon the kids walked out the door this morning, I sat in my dark, silent room for 2 hours, for no particular reason. After that, I scoured the internet for the perfect floor plan of the dream house that I absolutely never intend on building. Those are things that healthy, well-adjusted people do, right? No? Well the voices in my head say yes, so I'll go with that. I'm hoping some blog therapy and a little Nutella will salve the wounds of the last 6 weeks. Make that a lot of Nutella.

School has been in session for exactly 6 hours and 10 minutes, and since I'm one of those people who likes to plan things way in advance**, I'm already making plans to survive next Summer. So far it mostly involves sending my kids off to stay with different relatives. Any takers?

*Some details of this blog post might be exaggerated, misremembered, or otherwise completely made up.
** See above.


laurie said...

Good for you Donna to post.....I still LOVE to read your blog and I still miss you guys!

Happy new school year and happy modivation, maybe!

Mary said...

I want your kids next summer!!

Courtney @ Ordinary Happily Ever After said...

You crack me up :)