Dec 31, 2015

2015: The Newsletter

2015 "In Quotes"

"I don't remember anything from when I was a monkey."
-Nate, not quite understanding evolution.

"Oh, I've missed you so much!"
-Mia, in the candy aisle at Target during our 1st trip back to the US this Summer.

"[Something closely related to intelligible English]."
-Sam, trying to explain whatever it is that happens on Minecraft.

"The music major in me says this is wrong, but the nostalgic '80's kid in me says this is so right."
-Donna, introducing the kids to the song "We Are The World" on YouTube.

"I've never heard this song...who are these people?"
-Mark, also apparently introduced to the song for the first time, which led to a lengthy discussion about who's childhood was better.

"I just miss our old house. The walls were already scratched."
-Nate, bemoaning our move to another apartment in Amsterdam. Also, kid logic.

"Le Meeghraaahnshay?"
-Cashier at a McDonald's in France, when I ordered a McRancher.

"So when you buy something for the kids, do you always do so with a plan of how to get rid of it?"
-Mark, interrogating Donna about her gift-giving strategy. The answer is yes.

"You're the best mom ever!"
-All 3 kids whenever I'm doing something of questionable judgment, such as allowing them unlimited screen time, making dessert for dinner, or getting a dog as a consolation prize for not moving back to the US. 

Finally, "We wish you all, both near and far, a joyful and happy 2016."

Sam (10), Donna, Nate (7), Mark, Mia (12)


Kacey said...

I love your quotable quotes! I especially enjoyed the last one :) Glad you had a great year!

Unknown said...
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