Oct 30, 2008

5 Months Old

Nate (aka supa chunk, the chunkster, chunkyboy529) is 5 months old today. To celebrate, he cried for hours tonight in order to make up for all the times hasn't cried in the last 5 months. It might be teething, or gas, but I'm willing to bet it has something to do with all those annoying political attack ads. Can't really blame him-- they make me want to scream for hours on end too. When he's not screaming, he's usually just doing something else that I think I should probably be taking lots of pictures of, but don't. Suffice it to say, if I was a good mom and got him a Facebook page, there would be all kinds of pictures of him doing things like sleeping...lying in his crib...sitting in his car seat, all while modeling his latest Baby Gap onesie. But there wouldn't be any pictures of him rolling over. He's about 2 months behind on rolling over, and like all insecure and unstable moms, I blame myself. There was this one day while I was pregnant, that I only did my prenatal yoga for 25 minutes instead of an hour, and totally forgot to listen to the Embryo Einstein "Future Harvard Grad" Classical CD. And...I had a sandwich on white bread. It was a bad day. But tomorrow is a new day. I've got him signed up for a class at Gymboree, we're going to do baby flashcards, I swear I'm going to start that Facebook page, and first and foremost I will take about a million pictures right after I find the camera, and put batteries in it.

Happy 5 months Nate! Harvard here we come!


Courtney said...

You and Julia Ditto are at the top of my "blogs that make me laugh" list. Made all the better because I actually know you personally :)

Katy said...

White bread??? I am appalled. I have come to expect better from you, Donna. What are you doing keeping white bread in the house anyway? Surely you are not feeding it to Mia and Sam.

Patty said...

Nate is so cute. He sure has grown.