Oct 8, 2008

"I'm a molecule floating into Mommy's nose!"

That is an actual quote from Mia last night, as I looked up to see her zooming towards me with her arms outstretched in the universal "pretend flying" motion. Call me naive, but I didn't expect to hear this coming from a 5 year old, and I laughed out loud. Her reply?(dripping with contempt, by the way):

"Why are you laughing Mommy? Don't you even know what a molecule is?"

Whoa-- she's imaginative, scientific, and sassy, all at the same time. Seriously, where does she come up with these things?

And this picture is totally unrelated, but who doesn't love olive fingers?


Neva said...

I distinctly remember my sister trying to eat an olive off my finger and biting it so hard I bled. Watch out ... It's considered an extreme sport in some circles.

Anonymous said...

Yummy olive fingers.

Anonymous said...

This blog entry is hilarious Donna!! I love your writing and Mia sounds like she's keeping you on your toes and laughing. That is great. Brooke