Dec 22, 2008

Save the Newsletters!

Attention FAFNAF (friends and family near and far):

The worst snow storm in Seattle in 10 years + 4 days stuck indoors = the annual Christmas Letter is ready to go out!

If you've moved in the last year and haven't given me your new address AND you want a letter (you know you do), you have until Thursday. On Christmas day we'll be heading South and recycling any poor, sad, unread newsletters. Save these cute little guys from the awful fate of the blue bin and email me today-- they're counting on you.


Courtney said...

Do you have my address?

Neva said...

The weather outside is frightful out here, too. I heard about Seattle getting dumped on - that doesn't usually happen, does it? I hate, hate, hate the snow. It's pretty to look at and my kids love playing in it, but it makes running errands impossible and I have a million things to get done. UGH!!!

Anonymous said...

I am impressed you have gotten yours done. I am about a million years behind since this beloved snow storm has hit. Why try at this point?!

Bardsley Family said...

Our Christmas is complete! We got the long awaited newsletter and are already counting the days until the next one. I love how Mark bribes the kiddos. Unfortunately Andrew is on to us with the bribery and figured out if he holds out longer the prize gets better.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Caren Sorenson said...

Dear Bardsleyland,
I think you are Mark's family because I remember him bringing Meia to Aunt Marilyn's funeral. Please list names with children, and Wifes. Sorry. I love the blogs, I will beable to get to know you.
Love Aunt Caren

Caren Sorenson said...

P.S. I hope there is only one wife, not wifes. Ooops
Love Aunt Caren

Unknown said...

Hey Donna it's me, Carolynn! Of course I am logged in as Mike, but I stumbled upon your blog from Steve and Jill's. I have never laughed so much as I have reading your blog. I am glad to know that my kids, and the feelings that I have about them are normal! Not that it helps anyone else, but it helped me! Remember those days when we lived in Moraga and didn't have kids? Every now and again I wouldn't mind one of those days! Or maybe a really long vacation without kids? I would however setlle for a maid! Hope you are doing well.