Feb 3, 2009

And We're Back!

OK seriously what just happened? I woke up and it's February...2009. I'm not not sure what became of December 2008 (but whatever we did, I bet it was amazing, and way better than what anyone else did, and our kids probably didn't fight,whine, or complain at all), and who knows about January (pretty sure I was drunk most of the time...on love, of course). I'll have to hold off on a full recap of the last 2 months for now, since I don't have access to all the pictures of us looking super cute doing all the incredibly fun things we've been busy doing. Bummer. Suffice it to say that a lot of stuff happened and then some more stuff happened, and then we said some stuff, and then we watched some stuff on TV, and now it's February. Whew! No wonder I haven't had time to blog. But I've turned over a new leaf, and have resolved to not only blog more, but also to install every possible gadget, widget, whoozit, and whatsit on my blog that I can find. Any ideas to start with? My other resolutions for 2009 that have kept me pretty busy are:

  1. Avoid yelling at my kids until after 10 AM.
  2. Not to join Facebook (sorry, you're just going to have to be friends with me in Real Life).
  3. Use macrame in more of my decorating.

And speaking of fine art, anyone else catch Wife Swap last week? Is Stephen Fowler not the most despised man in the country right now? The producers of that show are either brilliant or unbelievably lucky- within just 2 weeks of George W Bush moving out of the White House, they've brought us a new American Villain, except he's British. Even better! Can't wait to blame this guy for everything, from the War in Iraq to why my house is a mess
. But for now, the kids are home from school, so it's back to being the perfect mom for me, which I'll blog all about in another 6 months or so, give or take a couple of years.


Aimee said...

Don't forget the amazing friends that you had over for dinner too in January. It must be hard to have such a perfect life.

I am shocked you have fought the Facebook revolution! Hold strong but if you break don't forget to add me.

Nice chatting on Sunday. Sorry if I got too nosey and personal.

Mary said...

It is nice to know that you are still alive!!!

Neva said...

Good to see you back! I was starting to get worried. Are you serious about the macrame?

SUZY "LA JEFA" said...

Totally agree with you about Facebook. Why do I need another time sink in my life? I already have at least 4 already. Seriously, I don't need to be that connected. I in the fight with you. (John likes facebook and is trying to wear me down by sharing with me funny posts or pictures on it. Let's see how long I can hold out.)

Carolynn said...

I was in need of a serious laugh before bed tonight, so thanks for being back! Maybe I should give up facebook and start a blog? Just a thought, but I am much better at stalking everone elses blog and probably wouldn't do well starting my own!


You should definitely add a facebook widget to your blog.

Shelly said...

I saw that guy on wife swap. Even his wife didn't like him. He must make a lot of money...why else would she be with him. He was horrible!
Don't give into Facebook. I don't even understand it. It is such a waste of time.

micro macrame said...

You should try micro macrame. It's loads of fun and just gaining popularity.