Apr 25, 2009

I Do It Myself

Make sandwhiches

Get dressed

Go potty
Take pictures

Ta Da!


Bob/Kristy said...

Nicki used to say, "I do it mytelf!"

I LOVE the potty photo with the reading material. And the binky. And the half-cropped photo of his head!

Gabriela Hull said...

Sam makes me smile. Those pictures are great.

Katy said...

It looks like Sam got a shiner. I know it can be frustrating with Sam wanting to do everything himself, but no need to beat the kid.

Aimee said...

Gotta love socks with sandals!

Mary said...

I must say I don't really miss the "I do it myself" phase. You know me everything has to be perfect and my kids have to match, have their hair done perfect. Due to this the "I do it myself" phase was hard for me. I have gotten much better as my kids have grown and I do let them do a lot more on their own. Even if it means they leave the house not matching.