May 3, 2009

See Mark Jump

Mark had a birthday back in April. It was during our unemployed phase, so the theme was "Low Budget, but Not Low on Fun."And to prove that I love him, I made him make this video so I could post it on our blog and show everyone what a fabulous birthday I put together for him. (Because let's face it, this blog is about ME, not him right?). Some friends of ours graciously allowed to go over to their house while they weren't home and jump on their trampoline. Mark loves trampolines almost more than he loves me, so he didn't even notice that I didn't get him a present!

The first slide show is just for fun. In the second video you will see why I married this man: for his crazy trampoline skills.



Oh, and in case you were wondering: thirty-five!


aimee heff said...

Freaking sweet! 35? I don't believe it.

Sara said...

Love his mad trampoline skills! Oh and one more reason I'm grateful for Facebook... I already saw that video a few weeks ago and have enjoyed it that much longer! Get in the loop, Donna! ;)

CB said...

Does Mark have any circus training in his background? Quite impressive especially the consecutive flips. He is a pretty agile man. I still remember eating dinner at your house with Ben and Mark in your family room trying to jump from sitting position to their knees on your exercise ball. Carrie

Anonymous said...

Glad to see my son still has talent! He hasn't lost it after all these years. Yeah! Just in case any of you are wondering, Mark used to WOW everyone in the neighborhood with his trampoline talents. Too bad we never found enough money to give him some proper training. And Donna, sweet wife that you are, it looks like you thought of the perfect way to spend a 35th birthday.

John Hatch said...

That is so cool! I didn't know that my Uncle had such trampoline moves. Keep on fliping Mark!

Kristi said...

Wow I'm seriously impressed with Mark's trampoline skills! That was pretty cool. Ethan was mesmerized by it- we have a trampoline (costs $25 via garage sale that the kids saved up for with lemonade stand money-and bought it themselves) You should look on Craigslist for one. Ethan loves doing flips (landing on his bum-not the feet yet) and round-offs on the trampoline- so he loved the video! miss you guys!