Sep 16, 2009

Olympic National Park

Mark here...this is my first guest post.
We camped at the Olympic National Park at the start of summer. It was amazing. We had fun. Below are pictures that prove it.

Our campsite was nice. The kids enjoyed playing on/in all the old growth trees.

Our rock stacking put us in contemplative moods.

Why yes, that is the biggest, gnarliest, tree root thing you will ever see. I am fairly certain this thing comes alive at night and eats other trees.

Picture Taking 101 - Rule 1: Make sure nothing in the background appears to be sticking out of the main subject's head.

Yes actually, people do kind of ruin this photo.

We drove through Forks on the way home. Donna got a kick out of all the Twilight tourists. We stopped and ate some very, very bad Mexican food. The bad Mexican food alone will be enough to re-wipe Forks off the map...until someone writes another book about the place.



So I can't help but notice that the sky is blue in EVERY picture. Everyone in the Northwest complains about the rain and there some conspiracy to keep the rest of us Californians out?

MAB said...

Christine Gregoire called me and asked me to Photoshop in some clouds and rain. I refuse to take part in the "rainy Seattle" conspiracy. If I keep it up though, I'm afraid she will send me and my family to Moses Lake.

Mary said...

I love the pictures!! It looks like you had a great time. One of these years I will make it to Washington so I too can enjoy the beauty that is there.

Unknown said...

You went to favorite place ever. I love the Hoh Rain forest. So jealous.