Jun 3, 2010

You are a Good Person and I Love You

That's what a total stranger yelled at me across the parking lot at the grocery store yesterday.
It's a little weird to have a compliment delivered in the form of yelling, from someone you don't know, and for no discernible reason.
But also kind of nice. (Although, Mia thought is was disgusting. "Ew, he said he loves you Mommy!")
Granted, he didn't look very mentally stable.
Maybe he thought I was someone he knew.
There's a good chance he was high as a kite.
He obviously had no idea how earlier I'd wanted to flip off the driver who cut the corner on a left turn, causing me to slam on my brakes and sent Sam's full cup of water flying all over the car.
Then again, he doesn't know anything else about me either.
It kind of made my day.

So I decided to pass the message onto you.
You are a good person.
You are loved.
Thanks for reading.


HeatherB said...

At this point, I take my compliments wherever I can get them. Even from mentally unstable, high, strangers. No, especially from them :)

Ana said...

I guess I'm with Heather - so long as this mentally unstable, druggie doesn't know where I live or where my kids go to school :P

Neva said...

Hahahahaha! This is exactly how I felt when a toothless homeless man told me that he "loooooooves redheads!" I smiled and just kept walking.

Alyssa said...

better than explitives shouted across the parking lot!

Tiffany said...

Why, thank you! Really, it means a lot!

Anonymous said...

Maybe he'd been stalking you since he cut you off earlier and wanted to make amends. But seriously, I do like it when the world tries to put on a friendly face, however bizarre, like a grumpy-faced guy drawing a smiley face on my COSTCO receipt.

amber joyful said...

thanks stuart smalley. your the best! (i said that compliment while i was yelling so you'd know i meant it!)

choco-latté said...

Honestly, any compliment is a compliment, regardless of who it is from and what little they know. I love it when strangers make my day, it reminds me that I have the power to do the same to someone else..
Im not a smelly toothless homeless man high as a kite.. It might even mean more haha!

BcRodzilla said...

Gosh, that's an interesting incident, and was cool though...
But the last three lines of ur post made my day now Donna, thank you!!

Unknown said...

This was very cool of him, I found your blog and i find it funny, kepp it up