May 31, 2010

Corporal Punishment- Back By Popular Demand

Consider the following conversation:

Me: So what do you think we should we do when you and Sam call each other names?

Mia: Ooooh! You could wash our mouths out with soap.

Sam: Yeah!

Me: Really?

Mia: How about... you could spank us!

Me: OK, next.

Mia: Ummm, send us outside for 24 hours?

Sam: No, for 500 hours!

Me: {eyebrows furrowed} Any other ideas?

Mia: Oh, I know! You could ground us for a week!

Me: Just try not to call each other stupid OK?

As I walked away thinking I had the most naive children in the history of humankind, it suddenly occurred to me:

Wait, did I just get played?

I'm quite sure they were high-fiving behind my back.


tvmom said...

so were played!

Ana said...

Maaaaaaate, SO totally suckered :P

Dan said...

"Did I just get played?"

Like a recorder in an elementary school music class.

Ana said...

That other person was weird :/