Dec 13, 2010

Reason #117 to Shop Online for Christmas This Year

To avoid having your 5 year old brush against a display of snow-globes (the glass kind), and knock one to the floor. And then a few minutes later having your 2 year old drop another snow globe that you didn't know they had nabbed.

"That's funny, we just had another snow globe incident around the corner," says the employee who comes to clean up. "Oh, ha ha. That's so weird. What a coincidence..." you say while clamping your hand over the 5 year old's mouth to keep him from ratting you out.

Breaking $22 worth of snow globes at Target in 3 minutes. That's a great reason to shop online this year.

How's your Christmas shopping going?


jhoopes said...

Okay, that was so funny I had to read it to Steve and he could not stop laughing. Now we want to know, where are the first 116??? So funny!! Thanks for the laugh and for keeping it real.

Dan said...

I hope you realize that this is karma for your Black Friday rant post. We have stopped taking guns and use tazers now. In packed aisles they can be surprisingly stealthy.

Actually, this year Kim and I did all of our shopping online. The shipping charges were worth the sleepy time. I don't think we will be doing the Black Friday thing again. I did get up at my normal hour on Black Friday and head over to Sports Authority for a snowboard for me, but that was personal, and worth it.

Dakin said...

I wish I could shop at Target this year, even if my child were to break 3 snow globes!

Anonymous said...

Ok, that's not funny, and yet it is. Sorry.

Shopping is in one word: not done.


Feel like its been FOREVER since I've seen you.

Jen said...

We have broken snow globes at our house too. Awesome!