Jan 12, 2011

Guest Post!

Has it been a while once again? To quell the insatiable public demand, I've brought in some temporary help. Enjoy this guest post by Mia. No, it's not a Christmas recap, but still a very pressing topic:

What Do Teacher's Do at Night and How Can You Tell What There Doing?
By Mia Bardsley

When all the students go home what do the teachers do? Do they have a party? Do they go to sleep? Or do they just eat all the left over candy from the Halloween Party? Does the principle come in and fire you? Well, I will find out. I am super detective M! Here is my plan. When it is time to go home I will hide behind my chair and I will watch what my teacher does. My teacher is writing on a piece of paper, now he is going to his computer. He is writing something on the computer, now the phone is ringing oh no! It's my mom, the teacher is going to look behind my chair. I have to go home now by!
(I take comfort that in her fictional world, her mom was alert enough to notice she didn't come home from school.)

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HeatherB said...

That was awesome! I'm still laughing about Mia's secret quote. She is hilarious. So we are still looking in Seattle and may have found a job in Everett. It's not Bothell, but still close :)