Feb 1, 2011

Speed Blog FAIL

I tried so hard to whip out this post in less than 20 minutes, but do you know how impossible it is to get 20 uninterrupted minutes in my house? So this is more of a meandering, 5 minutes here, 12 minutes there, spread over 2 days kind of a non-speed blog. But it's still pretty incoherent and random, so mission accomplished!
  • I'm very close to being finished with something I've been planning/thinking about/half-heartedly working on for over 3 years. I hope our All-New Family Chore Chart will be more successful than our First Family Chore Chart, on which I misspelled the word vacuum, and we never, ever used. Maybe because we realized we really don't like to do chores after all. Oh, crap.
  • Today at the Dentist office, I found the "yes or no" response options to some of the health questions to be profoundly inadequate. As in, "Have you ever experienced exhaustion or tension? Yes or No." As a parent, I'd like to suggest that "HOLY CRAP, YES or I just come here for the Nitrous Oxide" would be much better answers. I choose all of the above.
  • While signing Mia out of school today, should I have been alarmed that someone else signed their kid out and put "heaven" for the destination? Maybe they were going to the dentist, and were thinking of the nitrous too.
  • Did I mention that I'm playing in a Women's 30+ Indoor Soccer League? I pretty much suck, but I did manage to knee another girl in the head a few weeks ago and still have a pretty big bruise. So, you know... cool.
  • I won my first blog contest! And it was one I really, really actually wanted to win too! So I just have to put in a shameless plug for two wonderful people, Aimee and Scott of PopRocks Design, and their new line of retro/funky mormon decor. If the Deseret Books catalog makes you want to cry, and not in a good way, you are going to love their Etsy shop. And it's not just mormon stuff, so, seriously, check it out!
  • Due to the disintegration of his sleeping habits, Nate has officially been stripped of the Favorite Child status. I'm currently accepting applications for a replacement in-house, but it looks like we're going to have to outsource. If you have a child who you think qualifies to be my favorite, feel free to submit their resume. All children who put themselves to bed, make their own meals, and who love chore charts will be considered.
  • The other night at dinner, Sam posed an interesting question: "What would you rather be, a frozen pig, or a talking fish bone? You know, instead of being a mom." Tough question, but I'm going to have to go with talking fish bone. And you?


Julia said...

Donna, you're hilarious. And I love PopRocks Design, too. I want to buy everything. What did you win????

MAB said...

I get to choose one of the wood blocks. I love the Love is Spoken Here or Popcorn Popping design. They do a great job huh?

Gabriela Hull said...

Once again, thanks for making my day.

Kirstin said...

When I sign the kids out, I always write "fun" as the destination...though, if I ever sign them out for a dentist appt I'll have to write "torture".

Sara said...

I think I would have to be in a very dark place to choose to be a frozen pig. Fishbone it is.


And you are hardcore on the soccer field! Here's to being your partner in suckage!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you pretty much rock for kneeing the other woman in the head. I would be freaked out to see "Heaven" as the destination and hopefully that was the point (?). Hilarious.

jhoopes said...

Laughing out loud (again). Keep up the posts.

SRHadley said...


password - elka

SRHadley said...

Hallo Donna,
Ik ben blij te horen dat je zult ervaren Amsterdam. Wij zouden graag op bezoek. Jammer dat Neil en Jolene niet meer wonen in Duitsland! Wij zijn gelukkige ouders, het is een mooie overgang. Alles is goed in Fremont ... maak je geen zorgen, het zal altijd hier zijn.