Feb 1, 2011

Rite of Passage

Recently, a situation in the locker room at the swim center led to a fun discussion about how sometimes in locker rooms we see some weird, and possibly naked, things and it's not a big deal. And that was when Mia interjected with: Well, congratulations to me on seeing my first old lady scrubbing her bum!

She just turned eight. I swear kids are growing up so much faster these days.

You remember your first old lady bum-scrubbing incident don't you?


Aimee said...

How could I forget?! It is burned into my memory.

Mary said...

I most certainly do remember my first old lady experience in a locker room. Mine was not scrubbing her bum though, she was rubbing lotion on her upper region. It is something I will never forget!!

Sara said...

I must've been more sheltered (I have no memory of dressing in a locker room)?.. Or people in Utah or more modest.. or I completely have blocked it out because it was so traumatic... but my first old lady scrubbing bumb incident was here in WA in the Northshore YMCA... and I am still scarred! SERIOUSLY, CAN WE BE JUST A LITTLE DISCREET, PEOPLE? NO BODY WANTS TO SEE THAT!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. I love Mia -- she knows just how to say things.