Dec 10, 2014

When I Grow Up (I Should Really Have This Figured Out By Now)

In the 2nd grade, I wanted to be a stand-up comedian.

By 3rd grade, I predicted in an essay that I was going to be a "computer whiz" while married to a prince, and running my own clothing store.

Pretty big dreams for a young girl in America, whose only computer experience involved Typing Tutor and making greeting cards on Word Perfect.

Eventually, I went through a mid-childhood crisis, lost all sense of direction in my big bangs phase, and at some point thought I might be an actress. Toward the end of high school I was briefly fixated with Music Therapy. Problem was, I couldn't ever figure out exactly what Music Therapists do.

In college, I started out in Psychology, at one point dabbled in Biology, thought about Geology, Interior Design, and finally ended up with a degree in Performing Arts. By the time I graduated, I was working as a personal trainer at a women's gym, while managing the apartment complex we lived in.

Mia came along, then 2 more children, and it's now been 11 years since I've been in any paid employment position. So what now? Computer whiz?

What were you going to be when you grew up?

Fun fact: Francine Pascal, author of the Sweet Valley High series, didn't go to her own prom, and wasn't that into High School. She preferred writing political commentary.


Dakin said...

It was hard for me as a child to imagine myself in any adult role (paid or unpaid). I did know I that I did NOT want to be a dentist or doctor and strangely enough I now have a brother who is a dentist and another brother who is soon to be a doctor.


I think the biggest shock has been that my adult life would not be exactly what I dreamed. While that is extremely logical, it isn't a thought that a kid spends a great deal of time exploring.

I guess the other big shock is that wherever you are isn't always where you want to be. No matter who you are, there are moments when whatever you have going on sucks, even if you spent your whole life deliberately getting there. Even the most successful people in the world (measured by any standard you want) have days where they just want to chuck it all and chase something else that looks like freedom or happiness. Given time whatever that new thing is becomes the new drudgery. Even sitting on the beach staring at the ocean gets intolerable at some point.

Aimee said...

We were all about Typing Tutor in our house. I love that you remembered that! Good times.

I hope you find your post-baby/toddler stage destiny.

Sometimes I day dream about quitting it all and working for the man. A 401K and health bennies sounds pretty good right now. Then I think about daycare costs and I'm not so sure. Sigh.

MAB said...

I like Prince (AKA Alexander Nevermind), you know, as an artist. So at least you married a Prince appreciator.

amber joyful said...

I'm still trying to figure out how to be a Kardashian without the consequence of self loathing :)

Lindsay said...

Ahhhh thanks for posting this I love it.