Jan 11, 2010

A Little Clarification

OK, so I tend to be a tad vague.

It was Mark who got the ticket, not me. Hence, "my true love gave to me" ticket #9 (combined total for both of us in 13 months). Here's the sad, sad run-down:

2 speeding tickets
1 traffic camera ticket for turning right on a red without stopping.

1 HOV lane violation + 1 unsafe lane change (2 tickets in 1 stop, both totally bogus)
3 parking tickets (one of which resulted in being towed)
1 speeding ticket

We also got a 4th parking ticket, but it was due to a machine error (a leftover Y2K thing I think), so it was waived. 

Of all the tickets, Mark got 3 waived, and we were able to reduce the fines on 4 by begging pathetically.

The damage so far: $370, plus $203 in towing fees. And we're still waiting to contest the most recent one ($113). Sympathy is welcome.

Basically, in 2009 we broke just about every traffic law and parked in all the wrong places. Apparently the traffic gods hate us. Actually, my theory is that municipalities are trying to make up for budget cuts through increased traffic fine revenue, but that's probably my crazy i-must-hate-the-government-because-I-vote-left-of-center extremest conspiracy theories coming out. So, you're welcome, local government agencies. Spend our money well.

Moving on. Literally. Moving to Mexico-- I was actually somewhat serious about that one. Did I mention being crazy? More about that in another post. See what I mean about being vague? It's a bad habit. I'll resolve to work on that next year.

Speaking of resolutions, my 10 minutes a day writing goal is going well. Ever since I've included emails, commenting on blogs, thinking about writing, and yelling at my kids, I've had no problem meeting my 10 minute quota!

Anything else to clarify? If so, leave me a comment and I'll answer all your burning questions. I've got a lot of minutes to fill this year.

ps- when was the last time you said totally bogus?


Katy said...

I used it in my head when I read that yelling at your kids is part of your writing each day. But I guess you have to find ways to make your resolution work. And I am sure you are very creative and poetic in your anger.

John said...

Is talking on your cell phone illegal in Washington? It isn't in Massachusetts, but it is in New York, and Dakin got a ticket for it there. I think Massachusetts is missing out on a lot of revenue by not making it illegal.

HeatherB said...

Totally bogus...I miss that. I'm bringing it back! At least in the Brady household. Mexico?! That sounds intriquing. Do tell more.

Carrie Beckstead said...

First of all, we got your Christmas card and like every year love the quotes. Ben and I especially love the one with Mia explaining the true meaning of Christmas. I can't believe all the tickets. I'm just happy the traffic gods haven't found the Becksteads yet. Mexico - say what! What is going on?

Fire Princess said...

I think the last time I said "totally bogus" was after watching Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure about 20 years ago. Love that movie! And if you're moving to Mexico, can we come too?

Bob/Kristy said...

Back when I was into Math education stuff, my favorite scholarly math paper was titled "Basic Skills Versus Conceptual Understanding: A Bogus Dichotomy". Not just a dichotomy, but a bogus one! Yes, the professor teaches at . . . . Berkley.

jhoopes said...

You made me laugh! Sorry about all the traffic violations...dang! Hope you can get some more $$$ waived. Happy new year and good luck with those resolutions.

Melissa said...

That's all the tickets added up to. My true love got a single $275 while driving through Oregon and the cop said he reduced it. The Bardsleys should probably stay out of Oregon

Anonymous said...

wuts are your resolutions????