Jan 5, 2012

Happy New Year, With Love, From Amsterdam

Here it is, our Holiday newsletter:

2011 "In quotes"

"I'm watching a lot of TV!" 
-Nate, demonstrating his knack for blunt honesty. With the bulk of our year spent preparing for, recovering from, and adjusting to an international move, Nate did watch an inordinate amount of television, or as some kids might call it, "winning."

"Speaking of waffles, I need a Kleenex." 
-Sam, demonstrating his knack for being completely random.

"Yes, mom is crying again, but she'll stop eventually."
-Mark repeatedly said this during the month of August. To say that our first month here was a little rough is like saying childbirth is a "little painful." (It's much better now.)

"No, not another castle!" 
-Mia, indicating just how charmed she finds her new European life to be, or not.

"Is there chicken in this salmon?" 
-Sam, our sometimes vegetarian, is a little unclear on the concept of seafood/poultry differentiation.

"I want to be a helper at Target when I grow up!" 
-Mia, aiming for greatness.

"They're not mad at you; it's just Dutch. That's the way it sounds."
-Donna, reassuring Mia and Sam during the first week of Dutch Immersion school. Let's just say it's not the most soothing of languages.

"It's like all you ever do is make dinner!"
-Sam, protesting the injustice of being asked to set the table. It's rough being part of the 99% (of people who never make dinner in our family). 

Finally, "We miss you all, and wish you a wonderful 2012."
-Donna, Mark, Mia, Sam, and Nate

British Museum, London


Nate (3), Mia (8), Sam (6)


Courtney @ Ordinary Happily Ever After said...

I cried three times the first day we were in New Mexico... So I totally get it. You know, on a way smaller scale and all.

Karla said...

So funny! I want to come visit you...by the way, how long will you be there and (maybe this is for a separate email), how did you end up there?

Aimee said...

Oh shoot. I love these yearly nuggets of bardsley quotes.

I am glad the crying has slowed. We can't wait to come visit you. Even if it ends up just being via a Skype date.

Todd said...

Love the yearly quotes! Now I have to find something to pass the time for the next eleven months. Take care and may the year to come be better than the last.

SUZY "LA JEFA" said...

so, Jacob and Ryan want to know a few things: 1. are the canals frozen now in winter and can you skate on them (like Hans Brinker?) and 2. Do you have silver skates? Guess what book we are reading together? It is preparing us for our eventual trip to HamsterDance. (Jacob wants you to know that I wanted to ask question #1)

tvmom said...

ahh, you write the best stuff! wish i could come and visit you guys!!!

Carrie said...

I so love your Christmas card in quotes. It makes me laugh every year and makes me miss you guys even more. I also love your pictures! You guys are awesome! Just know that all the crying will pay off and you won't believe it when life abroad becomes "normal" to you. We definitely have moments when we miss Germany.