Jan 3, 2012

Refrigerater Gone Bad

We just returned home from a bit of a jaunt to England, and came home to a fridge full of rotten cheese and milk. Oops. But we also came home to an entry full of Christmas cards. Our mail slot is in the front door, and so our mail literally sails into our house and lands right on the front mat. If you mailed us a card, you have no idea how happy it has made me (and this is not intended to be a guilt-trip if you didn't), especially since I didn't think we would get more than 2 here in Amsterdam.

If there is anything you would think I would make fun of, it's Christmas newsletters right? But I confess, I love them. So thank you for sacrificing that extra stamp, and for giving us something far better to come home to than the stench wafting from the Coleman. It might not ever recover.

Sadly, our letter this year will be electronic, though I wish I could send you all a card that would land right on your door mat. I hope to post it soon, right after I tackle that fridge. And then I might just make a resolution to post about our trip to England. Spoiler alert: it was smashing.


Unknown said...

Speaking of Christmas cards... I have one for you, but I can't find your address. I know you live on Beethoven Street but I don't think it will get to you... but then again maybe you are already that famous. :) Can you send it to me?

Mary said...

I have loved seeing the pictures of England on FB. I can't wait to read about your adventures as well. Sorry that you have a stinky fridge, just use some vinegar or bleach, either one usally kills the smell well. Love you all!!