Feb 23, 2012

List #2: Seen in Amsterdam

Things I saw in Amsterdam this week:
  • 2 tourists rolling joints in a park. After 7 months, it was about time.
  • A smart mother checking her kid's shoes before going inside. If Amsterdam should be famous for anything, it's dog poop. It's true what they say: the Dutch are very tolerant. Of poop all over the place. And I will never understand this particular idiosyncrasy. 
  • My clock at midnight which read 0:00. Still getting used to military time.
  • My new favorite sandwich (seen and eaten): a warm roll or ciabatta with goat cheese, honey, toasted pecans, and roasted pear. Oh my. 
  • About a billion gloves littering the streets. People of Amsterdam: if you're missing a glove, go walk outside. You'll find another one, or 20. Just watch out for the dog poop.