Feb 24, 2012

List #3: Snapshots of the Uninspiring Variety

I was overtaken with an inexplicable need to capture the very mundane details of my life one day recently. And could I withhold such mundanity from the world? No I could not. Here's a little photographic tour of our apartment one day last week.

1. Nate eats at least 300 pretzels a day. Correction: Nate eats the salt off of at least
300 pretzels a day. That kid's blood pressure has got to be through the roof. 

2. Discarded snow gear. At this point the snow
 had been melted for 4, maybe 5 days. 

3. The laundry room master bedroom in it's natural state.
P.S. I love those windows.

4. Paperwork: my nemesis, especially when most of it is in Dutch.

6. Nate's ability to desalinize an entire bag of pretzelsin less than an hour is
matched only by his ability to trash a room in the same amount of time.

7. I walked past this vase one day and noticed someone had
dropped this little duck in it. He looks happy, I think.

8. Special delivery: The Feelings Book for Girls. Yep.

More things I don't have pictures of, but are mundane.

9.  It turns out I'm disabled.  One day I was reading a little funny blurb that mentioned Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome, and my first thought was ha ha, if I was going to make a politically correct joke about my insomnia that's exactly what I would call it. But suddenly I thought ohhhhhh, I bet that's actually a thing, and I have it.  Sure enough, thanks to Google and WebMD, I can start applying for a handicap placard for my bike. Yessssss.

10. I've finally picked a New Year's Resolution (what can I say, procrastinating is kind of my thing). There is a piano in the lobby of the Central library in Amsterdam, with a sign inviting anyone with a fair amount of skill to tickle its ivories (interestingly, libraries are different here in one major way, in that you are not expected to be quiet). My goal is to work up the nerve to go play on that piano some time this year, and hope they don't enforce the skill thing too strictly. So, should I play Chopsticks or Heart and Soul? 

11. This is not so much mundane, as kind of creepy: I had a dream that a gay, wealthy, old man with a highly contagious skin disease (Maurice Sendak? warning: link not suitable for kids) threw a party to find a trophy wife to inherit all his money. All the hot girls said no. I said yes, and immediately contracted leprosy. But it was worth it to be able to put my kids through college, and to buy that island to live on for the rest of my quarantined, filthy rich life. So the answer to whether I would consider marrying entirely for money? Sub-conscious Me says yes. No judging; Maurice and I had a deep intellectual connection. 

12. In another post, I mentioned Sam being sick and my hope that no one else followed suite. No such luck. Nate started throwing up within a few hours. Funny, the 3 year old managed to make it in the bowl every time, but the 6 year old? I think he threw up everywhere but the bowl, every time. Thanks Sam. 

That's it for the Bardsleyland edition of the February Blahs.  How about you? 


Lindsay said...

You freaking live in Amsterdam. Your blahs pale in comparison to our blahs. :)

claireb said...

Heart and Soul all the way! I'll duet-it with you at the library. We can YouTube that thing and become millionaires ourselves. (No need to contract leprosy).

Saskia said...

I totally feel you on the paperwork thing, only mine is in German and I have to Google translate half of it and pray I'm writing down the right things.