Dec 22, 2013

2013: The Newsletter

2013  "In quotes"

"We did not come to Morocco to play video games!" 
-Donna, in our hotel in Marrakesh. Need I say more? 

"Mom, I wish I was in your heart...but that would be pretty gross." 
-Nate. Sometimes I wish I could peer in that kid's head, but that would be pretty gross. 

"Oh man, I just can't look at any more gold things!"
-Mia, in the middle of Versailles, just saying out loud what we were all thinking. 

Donna: "I just need you to be on my team." 
Mark: "But sometimes I just want to be on a winning team." 
I think this short conversation perfectly sums up our attempt at parenting this year. Better luck next year? 

"If you think about it, swimming pools are pretty gross; you're just floating around with other people's butt barnacles."
-Sam, in the perhaps the best mistaken use of barnacles, in place of particles, ever. 

"Actually, this is pretty cool." 
-Mia, in Budapest. She denied it afterward, but I had witnesses. Budapest for the win.  

"Why do we have all these emails?" 
-Nate, referring to a stack of envelopes. What kind of aliens are we raising? 

"You'll smell what I did later."
-Our 10-year-old niece, Nicki, with us on a train in Italy, and my vote for best quote of the year. 

Sam (8), Nate (5), Mia (10)
Cologne, Germany
Because we love old buildings now, right Mia? 

We wish all our family, friends and loved ones near and far a wonderful holiday season, and blessed 2014.


Courtney @ Ordinary Happily Ever After said...

Awesome :)

claireb said...

Oh man I love you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Vintage Bardsleysms!

Unknown said...

Love your quotes!

Kirstin said...

Oh man, I love it! I swear, reading your blog keeps me sane.