Dec 9, 2013

This Week in Unintentionally Phallic Artwork by my Five Year Old

I have this semi-official goal of publishing more blog posts this year than I did last year, which I obviously have not been taking too seriously. (I did say semi-official, right?) This means I have until the end of December to post 12 more times. And we are talking about the craziest month of the year, so I'm going to have to go for quick, easy, and inappropriate.  You're welcome.

Recently, Nate's stick figures have taken on a new shape. A shape that happens to resemble male genitalia.

Here's the first one that caught my attention: 

And then there was this:

This self-portrait might be my favorite. When you see it, feel free to fall out of your chair laughing. 

This one was entirely INtentional. When I asked him if he had drawn 
his belly button, he said, "no, that's my penis!" 

We did see Michelangelo's David while in Italy recently. Perhaps it left an impression.

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