May 25, 2008

In the meantime...

Mark has taken the kids to his brother's house for the day, so I thought I'd use the opportunity to catch up on a few things.

Mark's mom and stepdad have been here visiting this week from South Dakota, and just left yesterday (without getting to see the baby- yet another reason to be irritated at being overdue). We had a good visit anyway, and they were very helpful with all my errands and projects, not to mention their dog entertained the kids pretty much non-stop. Thanks Linda and Ron!

Here's a few pictures from the last few weeks:
Last weekend we had some of that amazing Seattle weather and pretty much dropped everything and went to a local beach on Lake Washington. These are about the only pictures of the kids looking at the camera.

This is from Mother's Day. Mia and Sam helped Mark pick some flowers from our yard. And speaking of our yard..

My version of nesting this pregnancy has been yardwork. I've been out there every spare moment, looking pretty ghetto with the belly and the kids running amok in the street, but it's been worth it. Here are some pictures of what's in bloom in our yard right now:

Our Dogwood Tree

Rhodies are everywhere right now. We have 2 plants in our yard.

This is our mammoth Rosemary bush on crack.


Our Wisteria "tree" that is absolutely amazing.
One of the biggest reasons I love the month of May here.

And what would our blog be without pictures of the kids breaking major fashion rules?
I don't think it's legal to wear that much plaid.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry that baby isn't out yet. I thought for sure you'd have had him by now. Hang in there.

You do some lovely gardening. Drop the kiddos and baby off here and garden with me.

Thinking about all your joyful/crazy misery.


Sam's fashion looks vaguely Caddyshack plowed through Grumpy Old Men.

As for Mia, I was not aware you could buy Pokemon brand marshmallow bike helmets.

Anyway, cute is a destination you can arrive at a million different ways.