May 1, 2008

For the hard core fans

This video is about 3 minutes long. If you feel up to watching the whole thing, you'll be rewarded with a few little gems:
  • Sam's attempt at cartwheeling, the main point of taking the video in the first place - notice the leg-up approach.
  • A glimpse of "the belly."
  • Sam copying everything Mia does (welcome to my daily life).
  • At the very end, a little 10 second scene we are considering sending into AFV (I don't know, maybe we just think it's hilarious because we're dorky parents. You tell us).
  • (Edit): I forgot to mention Sam's awesome Thomas the Train tank top that he insisted on wearing that day, after he found it in the drawer of clothes that are too big (I believe it's size 4T). I was just glad he found something he wanted to wear, since lately he is becoming a little too opinionated about his clothes.


Sara said...

That was really cute. I'm blown away at how quiet they were playing together... I don't think I could make a 3 minute video of my kids playing side by side without an uncomfortable amount of screaming, bossing, whining. Okay... I'm getting my first tinge of blog envy... :)

Loved the slap scene...definitely an AFV contender.

Anonymous said...

So cute. Mia looked like she was getting better and better with every try. Andrew has mastered his flips on the front of our futon into a mountain of pillows. Donna it looks like even breathing is hard at this point. I really like the new furniture!

Anonymous said...

Oh and I am hard core fan for sure.