Feb 11, 2009


I just know Mia is going to hate me for this in about 10 years, but for now, try not to die laughing.

And in case you're interested, here are the lyrics:

If we believe in our heart, and we need to start
If the world can believe, the world can believe
The place we've never been
If we work together we're getting this done
Helping the planet work
We need to get it finished
Help me to survive our planet--We'll get it done
It's not ours, we need to get it done
Help it, if you survive the rest of your life
Help me

And then I had to stop filming and go laugh my head off in the other room.


Courtney said...

Oh MY GOODNESS! My favorite was the "if you survive the rest of your life" part :)

Aimee said...

She is so darling! I loved it. Thanks for being a spy for all of us.

Dan said...

You should take that and dub it over the opening to "An Inconvenient Truth"

Eric Devericks said...

Cute! Sully watched with me. We miss you guys and babysitting group!

Kristi said...

That was funny... it must be a song from school in music class? They come home with the best songs huh... and often sung with gusto.

Mary said...

Yes, she will probally hate you when she gets older. That was very funny though.

Katy said...

Wow. This is hilarious. Where did she learn this song? Did she make up the words? If she didn't then I have so many questions for the lyricists, starting with "Were you on crack" and "What the heck is 'it' that we need to get done?"

Anonymous said...

SERIOUSLY!!! quit having al gore over for dinner!! that was way cute... in a brainwashing sort of way!! hahha.