Feb 25, 2009


A little background-- Mia just bought herself a new headband, which has become the prized possession du jour around here. Somehow, it inspired this conversation this morning:

Mia: Hey Sam, you wanna know something? If Nate was a baby girl, and when he grew up if Mommy didn't have enough money for a new headband, I would have to give him mine.


Sam: And then you would die?

Mia: (disgusted) No...Boy, do you have a lot to learn. (stomps off)

Poor Sam. Welcome to a lifetime of not understanding women. Good luck with that buddy.


Courtney said...

THAT'S funny!

Aimee said...

He'll be skilled in understanding the women's mood swings.

Mia kills me! She is so cute.

Bardsley Family said...

That cracks me up!

Mary said...

That is too cute!! Poor Sam and Nate, girls are very difficult to understand.

LAURA said...

that's too funny. I love when I overhear conversations. Ethan was telling Lily today, "I SAID NO. OKAY, TIME OUT. I SAID TIME OUT." Lily, 5 months, just sat there and stared at him.

Kristi said...

That was funny... still laughing.

Anonymous said...

I know this is kinda late, but did you really get 5 strikes in a row? Oh, by the way, I did like the slide-show.