Apr 14, 2010

Reject #4

Title: Love it!
Date: January 3, 2010

As I was perusing through the newspaper ads yesterday, this green leather chair from Cost Plus practically jumped out of the page, scooped me up, and cradled me in cozy imaginative repose for a full 4-5 minutes until I finally came to and blurted out, "I love this chair so much I can hardly stand it!" Everyone ignored me, except Mia, who came over and looked at it quizzically. "Hmmmmm," she said, and picked up a pen and did this:
"There," she said, and then she walked away. And that was that.

Notes: A short one for you today. I really had every intention of posting this amusing little exchange, until I couldn't figure out how to use our scanner with our new computer. That is to say, I tried to figure it out for about 3 minutes until someone started screaming, "Mom! Sam's copying me!" And someone else said, "Honey, where are my car keys?" And I said, "did you look on the key hook?" And they said, "no-- oh, there they are, right on the key hook." Anyway, I still haven't figured out that scanner, but I did finally just take a picture of it. I also wanted to include a Rite-Aid ad that the kids had gotten to at Christmas time and circled all the things they wanted for Christmas. I lost the ad, which is really unfortunate because there were some good ones. The only ones I can remember now: a Budweiser 12 pack, batteries, and a smokeless ashtray. It still makes me laugh.
Addendum to the notes: D'oh! That 3rd sentance should read, ..."until someone started screaming, "Mom!" Sam's copying me!" And someone else said, "Mom! Sam's copying me!..." That would have been much funnier. Oh well. So glad I have Constant Sleep Deprivation as my scapegoat. Also, I should add that I never got that chair, though I still love it. I mean, love it!


tvmom said...

yes, a smokeless ashtry...kids can be funny!

Sara said...

Cute, cute Mia!

jhoopes said...

Your other posts are so hilarious (and insightful) but I think this is my favorite one.

amber joyful said...

i just want to make sure you know that you are a jerk for not being on facebook. is that clear??? i posted an al gore comment and it didnt attatch my name... just wanted to make sure you didnt think you were cool enough to have a stalker. love your super best friend, lets dress like twinzies at school tomorrow.. amber joy.