Jan 3, 2013

Green Bikes and Mint Tea

In 2012, we celebrated our 1 year anniversary of moving to the Netherlands. It was also our first full calendar year that we spent living abroad. People often ask me what I love most about living here, or what I miss most about the US, and honestly, the answers to those questions change on a daily basis. But here are two things I absolutely love here, almost every day of the year:

Bikes. Bikes. Bikes all around.

Specifically green bikes. I take pictures of them all over town. Though lately I've been developing a thing for orange bikes as well. Biking in Amsterdam is a post in and of itself that I'll have to save for another day. For now, I'll just say that the bike culture is like nothing I've ever seen, and it's what made me fall head over heels for this crazy little city. 

This is something I've been meaning to tell you about for a while. My favorite beverage here: fresh mint tea. Did you ever think about just taking fresh mint sprigs and sticking them in hot water with some honey? No? Well, now that you know about it, aren't you wondering why you never thought about it before? Exactly. Try it, and tell me how much you love that I took a picture of it even though you secretly think it's obnoxious.

So go ride a bike today and have some tea. Maybe even at the same time if you're feeling adventurous.


Aimee said...

The leaves sort of frighten me. You'll have to make me one to convince me.

Jen said...

My inlaws just got back from living in Japan for the last year and a half. What they miss most so far? Riding their bikes. Not just riding them, but everyone riding them, and riding them every day with the rest of the country. The whole bike thing altogether. True story.

Paragon of Epic said...

That looked like so much fun!!