Apr 27, 2008

Tempting the Sleep Gods- a week in review

Some things should never be even mentally vocalized. Earlier this week I suddenly found myself thinking that Sam had actually been sleeping fairly well for a week or so. It happened so fast, was just a fleeting moment really, but it was already too late. Fate had been tempted- the Sleep Gods would get their revenge. Sure enough, that very night at approximately 3 AM, justice was served. Our door swung open and in bounds Sam, laden like a Sherpa with every item from his bed (which that night happened to be 3 blankets, a pillow, a baby doll, and a truck). After arranging his "bed" next to me, it soon became clear that he had no intention of actually sleeping. I gathered him and his entourage and took him back to his bed, where he insisted I lay down with him . And that's when I heard Mia. Apparently she thought there was a party going on that she wasn't invited to, because she soon was in bed with us, and laying on top of me. I can tell you that me, the belly, a wiggly 2 year old, and a 5 year old in a toddler bed is NOT a fun party. Long story short: when I finally just gave up and went back to bed, Mia was in her room looking at books, and Sam was playing with his truck- both were wide awake. It was after 4.
So my mantra for the week has been, "I will only be sleep deprived for another 18 years." Since that lovely night of nocturnal bonding, Sam has been up every morning at 6:30. Apparently my debt was not paid the first night. Is there some other sacrifice besides my own exhaustion, physical health, and emotional stability I could offer? I'm now going into week 4 of the cold that will never end, and my kids are actually complaining about having to watch too much TV. Wow- I can't wait to add a new born into the mix!

Here's a few other highlights from the week:

Yet another picture of my kids dressed inappropriately for the weather. This picture was taking around 6:30 PM, and probably 40 degrees. For some reason they thought riding their bikes in bathing suits and towels would be awesome. Note Sam's mismatched boots- he wears those all the time.

It was Take Your Child to Work Day on Thursday. Lucky Mia got to spend an exciting morning with a bunch of Information Architects. She came home with a fake tattoo that says, "IA Forever", complete with a heart with a sword through it. Rough crowd.

I started my weekly doctors appointments this week. I'm 36 weeks along, and in the pregnancy tradition of sharing really personal information about your cervix, I'm dilated to 1 cm.

Friday, I celebrated the impending arrival of baby #3 with some close friends while enjoying some incredible desserts and fantastic atmosphere (thanks Sara! and note to The Melting Pot: turns out we don't need chocolate Fondue to have a good time).

We made a trip to Ikea, didn't find what we wanted but did pass by this piece of framed art:
...which we didn't buy, and regretted so much that I sent Mark back a few days later to pick it up. Really, I shouldn't love art from Ikea this much.

Yesterday we finally had one of those amazing Seattle Spring days, and we celebrated by doing hours and hours upon hours of yard work! (If you don't know, we bought our house from super gardeners, who seemingly wanted to spend at least half of every day doing yard work. I just do what I can and try not to kill anything, so I'm usually pretty thrilled when things grow back in the spring.) Oh, and we harvested our first batch of our own organic compost from our compost pile. Black gold anyone? Sorry, no photos of our yard. I'll try to take some this week- if I'm not too tired.


HeatherB said...

Unfortunately I can relate all to well to the vengance of the sleep gods. No sooner do I finally get David to sleep well in his new crib, than Grace decides she needs to get up every hour. Are you kidding me? I have a newborn set to arrive in like one week. Don't I deserve at least a little bit of sleep prior to this blessed occurence?

Anonymous said...

You give the best updates! Sorry about the "lack of sleep.." we'll sleep when we are dead, right? If Noah gets up one more morning at 5:30 I might have to commit myself. I am wiped out. I can only imagine how you are feeling!

Thanks for being my friend!

weaverfam said...

You are seriously super woman. I feel tired just reading about your life :) Can't wait to read what's next.

jules said...

You make me laugh!! Jacob wakes up before 6:30am every morning and it drives me batty. But what can you do? I'm finally learning to live off of less sleep.

I love your pictures -- I totally remember going to work with my mom because it meant skipping school for a day. :) (My mom was a homemaker...)