Sep 19, 2008

First Day of Kindergarten and Preschool

I now have a Kindergartner.
I am now a PTA mom.
I now have 4 bus stops a day.
Yes, I followed both kids to school the 1st day.
No, I didn't cry.
I now have 2 hours to myself each day (OK, almost).


Bob/Kristy said...

Yea for 2 hours! I just realized that I completely forgot to take any pictures of Nicki's first day... and I didn't even THINK about following her to school!

Mary said...

They both look so cute and very happy to being going off to school. It is kind of funny because the only one that I cried when they started school was with Jessica. Abbi cried on her first day, but not for long. Now she can't wait to leave for school in the morning.