Sep 6, 2008

Opposite Day

I'm sitting here eating frosting straight out of the tub, ignoring the mess, bills, and everything I was supposed to get done days ago. But in my dream world...

Sam has pretty much potty trained himself. He's such an obedient and compliant 3 year old.

I decided to sew all the kid's clothes for school. SUPER CUTE. But 50 outfits each might be a little too much, so I sent some off in our homemade care packages for refugees from the war in Georgia.

I took some time out for me to meditate today. It's not hard to get in the 3 hours a day that Oprah suggests when your kids just entertain themselves and play sooooo nicely together.

I wrote all my government representatives, with homemade cards I made myself of course.

I started to train for another triathlon, but I was so fit, I just went ahead and did one-- all while pushing/towing/carrying 3 kids. Whew!

I almost forgot about the extra nutritious dinner I made from scratch this morning, just waiting to go in the oven at precisely 4:30. That way when Mia comes home from school I can just be there for her.

Well, the day is still young-- guess I'll get started on Christmas 2009 (I'm already finished for 2008 silly!).

Ahhhhh, who says adults can't use their imagination?


HeatherB said...

I've taken your "It's been fun but I think I'll go scream now." as my personal motto. It basically epitomizes the way I feel about my life these days.

Kim said...

I got so much done today. My laundry is washed and folded and put away [piled all over the laundry room], my children are eating a fabulously healthy dinner [cereal, for the second time this week], and my house is spotless [uh, what color carpet is under there?]. Been there, done that, sista! You make me laugh! :o)

Anonymous said...

You blog entries always make me laugh out loud.

This shows how slow my brain is...I actually thought you got all that done and felt horrifically guilty for wolfing down an ice cream cone. Calling "exercise" using the vacuum and Noah eating one piece of pepperoni off of a pizza slice for dinner.

Then I read your last line...and I felt more at peace in the world :)

Anonymous said...

Donna-I love you-you are the BEST!

Mary said...
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Mary said...

Donna you are too cute, I love reading your post. I remember the days when all three of mine were smaller and it felt like nothing got done. I am also glad to know that I am not the only mom who does not always fix the perfect meal or does not have a spotless house. I have finally decided that with my family work, school and church callings, my house does not have to be perfect and the meals do not always have to be the most nutritious either. Spending time with my children and family is much more important.

Patty said...

Donna you made me smile and laugh right when I needed a pick me up. I am glad that I am not the only one not doing the things I should today. Love you lots.

LAURA said...

Yum, I love frosting right out of the have to do that every now and again to hit that low point so you'll get back on it the next day!