May 10, 2010

And The Winner Is...

Actually, I should say winners.

Because every one's a winner. Except on this blog. Here there are only three, and depending on how you look at winning a bag of yarn, it might only be 2. So here are the totally randomly generated results, which were unfortunately not at all influenced by food bribes.

The coveted Bean Burger recipe and the Gallery of Regrettable Food book goes to: TV Mom.
Katy gets the Tiny Bag of Yarn.
And, the home-made soap goes to Kirstin.

Look for your prizes in the mail (or on your porch Kirstin) soon!

In case you are interested, the reject with the most votes was #2: It's Time We Had a Little Talk. I have to say I was pretty relieved, since that hopefully means I didn't offend or alienate too many people, or get kicked out of many wills. I'm still in all of your wills right?

Thanks for voting, reading, and winning! Forget what I said earlier-- you all are winners on my blog. Because seriously, I don't allow losers to read my blog.

(And if you haven't already, go here to vote in the 2010 TOADYS. Which toy did you vote for?)


Anonymous said...

I voted for the winner: nickjr/ of course. I actually look forward to voting on these every year; it's a shame the toys actually get worse over time, not better.

tvmom said...

glad i'm a winner! love the book and bean recipe...can't wait to blog about it...cause i blog about everything :)