May 4, 2010


So my rejects series has come to an end, and I think we all learned a lot. My personal take away lesson: if I don't post something within 3 days, I need to delete it and move on. Well, maybe I'll give myself a month. OK, 6 months top. Oh, seriously, who am I kidding? I'll be doing this again next year, I'm sure. Like I said, it was mostly for me, so before we get back to our regular brand of sarcasm and witty euphemisms for laundry, I've put together a little something for you. Yes, this post is all about YOU, as opposed to all my other posts which are all about me. And when I say it's all about you, what I'm really saying is that it's all about me, but in a very indirect, roundabout way. You know what I mean? So, to say thanks for enduring my little blog cleansing, we here at Bardsleyland are proud to announce our first ever giveaway! Vote for your favorite reject and you'll get a chance to win some seriously amazing things. Things like, a hand-written copy of my family's Bean Burger recipe(!), which you will never actually want to make, and which could never be complete without a slightly used copy of this book: The Gallery Of Regrettable Food. It's a complete package.

But wait! That's not all! We've also got a tiny ziploc bag of brown yarn to give away! Only the best blogs are giving those away right now.

And if you thought that was all, you don't even know. We're also throwing in some home-made soap. Because not only do we here at Bardsleyland want our readers to practice good hygiene habits, we also believe that the best gifts are the ones that you never have to worry about throwing away because it disintegrates a little bit every time you use it.

And that's how much we appreciate you!
(We really do. And by we I'm talking about myself.)

In case you forgot, here's a list of the contenders:
Reject #1: I Don't Like to Flaunt, But Sometimes I am Just Brilliant
Reject #2: It's Time We Had a Little Talk
Reject #3: Would You Buy This House?
Reject #4: Love it!
Reject #5: Deep Stuff
Reject #6: Put it in Vinyl
Reject #7: My Blog Rules
Reject #8: Weekly Thank Yous
Reject #9: 4 Bus Stops a Day
Reject #10: Rant: File Under "Things That Drive Me Insane"

And guess what? This giveaway is not just open to current employees of Bardsleyland and their immediate family members. It's open to everyone, whether we know you and/or love you or not! Leave a comment with your vote by Sunday, May 9th. The winner will be chosen randomly and not just by whoever promises to make me a delicious chocolate cake. Vote for your favorite, vote for your least favorite, vote for your mom-- just make your voice heard.

And in case you just can't get enough of democracy theses days, it's also time for the TOADYS! Remember last year? This year the toys are even better, I mean worse. Go here to cast your vote for the worst toy of the year. Here's what I voted for:
It's the Little Tykes Young Explorer. A cubicle for 3 year olds! And for only $2,599!

Happy Voting!


Aimee said...

These are my favorites in no order:

#2: Because I hate any kind of political forwards
#3: I get sentimental about my old houses and I really like that blog post of yours. I brought back memories.
#6: Because the vinyl mantra made me laugh. I can think of a lot of sarcastic things I would want to put on the wall.

I guess #6 is my final vote since I required to pick one. :)

Courtney @ Ordinary Happily Ever After said...

Please can I have the yarn?!

tvmom said...

Seriously, love reading your blog and the rejects! I like that you can say what I want to say...I think my favorite is #2 or #7 - love your blog rules and it's a good thing I don't run a weather blog :)

Katy said...

I initially thought I would vote for Reject #3, but I decided I am a little to biased in that case. I mean, that is the house I grew up in.

So I will vote for reject #4: Love It!.

HeatherB said...

Hmmm...for me it is a tie between "Would you buy this house" and "Put it in Vinyl." I love it when you are snarky as you express my own snarkiness so fully. (oh yes and number 2) Sorry, can't pick one.

weaverfam said...

#1! I myself seem to find too many brilliant idea days around here.

Angi said...

#2 is my favorite for 2 reasons (isn't that cute). 1) I am glad to hear that I am not the only one struggling with this issue and 2)You have made it easy to deal with the forward-happy crazies...I can just FORWARD a link to this post back to them! HA! Two can play at this game!

P.S. I will make you a delicious chocolate cake.

Neva said...

Oh, this is a hard one.

I loved #3 because it brought back so many childhood memories, but #2 was awesome because I hate getting those crazy e-mails too!

I'm going with #3 because I'm feeling reflective and homesick lately.

Gabriela Hull said...

They are all my favorites but #10 is my favorite favorite.

Kirstin said...

My absolute fave..."Glenn Beck will cry and say you hate America." Love it!

Sara said...

Ok... I want that cook book! :)

Hmm... I think I will go with I love it, since that Mia Mia Sophia is just the cutest.

kg said...

My favorite was a toss-up between "Deep Stuff" and "Would you buy this house?" I also loved the one about political forwards......but I think the other two were my favorites. Like I keep saying, I love your writing!