May 20, 2010

I Can't Sleep, Must be Time for Random

This random-style post is inspired by Tiffany. If you don't read her blog, you should.

  • It's only midnight.
  • It's not even late for me.
  • Normally I wouldn't be bothered by being awake at midnight.
  • Except I went to bed at 10.
  • Which is really early for me.
  • I was just sure I would fall asleep this time.
  • I tried to pressure myself into it.
  • That's where I went wrong.
  • I should have known that would never work.
  • Peer pressure really doesn't have much of a hold on me, even the self-inflicted non-peer kind.
  • In fact, usually the more popular something is, the less interested I am in it.
  • I still haven't joined Facebook.
  • Twilight? I'm on Team Gag Me.
  • The "everyone else is doing it" argument works well as reverse psychology for me.
  • Except when it comes to my sock drawer.
  • As I'm throwing socks in and coercing it shut, I'm always thinking Everyone else does this right?
  • Organizing your sock drawer by color and type is just a myth right?
  • I just toss the athletic socks right in there with the dress socks, with the nylons with runs, unmatched striped socks, socks that haven't been fashionable since the Clinton administration, socks I never should have bought in the first place, my "skinny" socks, and the ones with holes in the toes.
  • Wool, cotton, synthetic blends; they all co-mingle in a gloriously disorganized jumbled mess of foot-coverings.
  • Tell me I'm not the only one with this shameful secret.
  • Really, it's important to me.
  • I knew you'd want to know why.
  • Actually, I've no idea.
  • But perhaps it's a result of growing up in a religion that encourages a detachment from the entire "outside world", but at the same time demands complete conformity within?
  • But that's just a guess.
  • It would explain my ambivalence for whatever everyone else is doing outwardly, while harboring an obsession with every one's secret inner lives and the current condition of their sock drawers.
  • It's a paradox.
  • Actually, I love paradoxes.
  • They're so messy.
  • Like sock drawers.
  • And religions.
  • And secret inner lives.
  • They keep things interesting.
  • So, really, is your sock drawer a mess?
  • Cause that would really make me feel better.
  • And then maybe I could go to sleep.
  • But don't tell me to go to sleep.
  • That will never work.


Alyssa said...

I think I'm mostly a lurker here but thought I'd let you know my sock drawer is a mess. I did recently take a step towards organizing by splitting atheltic socks from the others but that was to save me time in the morning so the hunt for the right socks doesn't prevent me from working out before work.

Kacey said...

I love your late night ramblings Donna. You always give me a chuckle. And my sock box ( I don't even have a drawer!) is ALWAYS a mess, no matter how many times I clean and organize it. You are not alone :)

Tiffany said...

DONNA! We're on the same wavelength today (probably every day, actually. Hope that doesn't scare you), but I wrote about random posts today and I also wrote about socks and religion!!!

Do you have goosebumps, or what?

P.S. I avoid bandwagons like the plague and shove everything in the sock drawer.

Ana said...

I think I'm on team gag me too :P - should we start a club - or is that telling you what to do?

Anonymous said...

I love your posts. Wanna come clean my sock drawer? I'm serious. :)

Sara said...

My sock drawers are OK, but 90% of my drawers, closets, cupboards are a complete wreck. I love to just shove things places and then close the door.

jstovall said...

Donna, I can't tell if you are looking for applause, sympathy, or advice. You can't lay claim to total disorganization - at least you have a "sock" drawer. But I am sorry to tell you that life is not fair, and some chores will require time spent either at the beginning (put them away somewhat neatly for ease of retrieval) or at the end (dig through the mess to find a pair when you need them). On the other hand, bed making is a total waste of time. The bed will be just as comfortable (or not) and easy to get into when you go to bed as when you get up, whether you make the bed or not. Just close the bedroom door and be busy elsewhere. Maybe you could start a discussion on the most useless household chores.

Unknown said...

I love this :)