Apr 1, 2008

Generic Post

Mostly I started this blog to aide my failing memory. Since my New Year's Resolution was to write in my journal regularly, and I've done that a total of 0 times since January, I thought a blog would be a more motivating way to get down some of those precious little goings on in our lives. So forgive me while I indulge in a little memory preservation.

2 conversations with Mia from yesterday:

Mia: You don't love me! You never listen to me.
(The first part is not true, the second part is, regrettably, mostly true. The girl never stops talking).

Me: I'm sorry, I do love you. And sometimes you don't listen to me either.

Mia: Well, that's because I learned how to not listen to you from you not listening to me.

Ouch. Immediately that anti-drug commercial from way back in the day came to mind. "I learned it from watching you, OK Dad?" Seriously, is this girl 5 or 15? Case in point, later on that day we had the following interaction:

Me (yelling): Mia, we've been waiting to start family night, what are you doing?

Mia (from the bathroom, with the door shut): I'm going potty... and getting ready.

10 minutes pass...

Dad: Mia, are you coming?

Mia: In a minute.

Dad: Good, because family night is all about waiting around.

Mia: No, family night is all about how you look.

Oh? Thanks for clearing that up. She then came out of the bathroom in a leotard, tutu, feather boa, fairy wings, and her church shoes, complete with her latest "hairstyle" which involves 2 headbands and 2 clips. Unfortunately we have no photo, so you'll have to use your imagination. Later we played Twister, but thank goodness she really is 5 and not 15- she didn't feel overdressed in the least.

Now just a snapshot of this moment: my 2 year old who woke up at 5 AM is crying in his crib and refusing to take a nap while my 5 year old is asleep on my bed. The family room is currently an elaborate "camping fort" with every single toy from Mia's room inside of it. The sun is shining (!), the wild cats that live in our backyard are out roaming, I'm listening to Coldplay on iTunes, and I've got The Count of Monte Cristo sitting here which I picked up from the library for book group this Thursday to reread. Apparently though I read the abridged version in high school, because I do not remember it being 1500 pages! Oh, and I have no idea what to make for dinner. And this blog is officially getting in the way of my productivity, but at least I'm working on my resolution right?


Anonymous said...

OH MY. I am sitting here crying at this post. It is so hilarious. And to think we are excited to have a girl... Thanks for the laugh.

Anonymous said...

So I'm basically waiting for the digital equivalent of you screaming "April Fool!"

What might that look like?

Anyway we need to do the same. Ryan especially is a non stop source of hilarity and we always forget the moments.

Courtney said...

I don't know which is worse, your 5 year old acting like a 15 year old, or your 5 year old acting like a 2 year old :)

Great journaling!

weaverfam said...

Oh, how I miss those sarcastic conversations with you :) Now I can blog stalk you, he he he.

Anonymous said...

seriously - ive wet my pants. you are stinkin hystetical.(you'd be a lot cooler though if you had some leather zip up boots. maybe you can find some at a garage sale in fremont california.)