Apr 17, 2008

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Let's start with the Bad:
  • Realizing I have been visited by the Upset Stomach Fairy at the start of a busy day, while pregnant and with 2 young kids to care for.
  • That realization coming while at the gym, less than 20 minutes into a much needed, albeit pathetic, workout.
The Ugly:
  • Throwing up multiple times, among other things. I'll leave the exact details to your imagination.
  • Having your 2 year old also throw up, all over the kitchen.
The Good:
  • A sweet little girl who put 2 cherry tomatoes on my nightstand (in case I got hungry), and who later brought me 3 flowers from my garden and told me "It's because I love you for 3 things."
  • That same girl correcting herself a few minutes later, "Actually, I love you for more than 3 things. I love you for probably a hundred things!" (And this is so great because to a 5 year old, there is no number greater than 100. When I tried to tell her that I was #803 for my race over a week ago, she kept saying, "but what number were you?").
  • A husband who came home from work early to take care of me and the kids, was vomited on, cleaned it all up, witnessed one of my most undignified moments in life thus far, and never once complained.
  • Realizing that while nothing on my list got done today (Costco, exercise. guitar group, yard work, phone calls, picking up prescriptions, etc), and the house is beyond trashed, it's all OK. Although I might feel different about that tomorrow.
  • Being able to eat food again! Though, this is proving difficult since there is almost no food in the house (I think grocery shopping was also on that to do list...).

If I sound a little too Pollyanna, it's probably because of some euphoric stupor of insanity induced by a day of almost negative caloric intake. Yeah for endorphins!
Time for me to get some sleep now...


Sara said...

I'm glad you're feeling a little bit better. Let me know if you need anything today.

Anonymous said...

That's funny. Our house was also visited by the Upset Stomach Fairies yesterday.

Suzy calls them "Oaties".

I just call them cruel and unusual.