Apr 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Mark!

Our Old Man is 34 today. He got lots of great presents. Sam's present was waking up at 5:30 AM and crawling in bed with us to wiggle for another 1 1/2 hours. Mia's present was dressing up like a princess and then acting like one. My present to Mark was waking up sick. Poor guy had to do the dishes on his own birthday. But Mother Nature came through with the best present of all: sunshine! In the end, I managed to pull myself out of bed to make dinner and cake, and he did get the one present he really wanted: a mop. Yes, the man wanted a mop for his birthday. That's why we love him.

Yes, that's a heart cake. I had the pan from Mia's birthday...

My new favorite picture. You'd almost never know
that their favorite activity is terrorizing each other.


Anonymous said...

That last picture really is a great one.

50 years from now you will be crying over it.

Anonymous said...

Oh and happy birthday to Mark.

Sorry for the obvious social faux pas.

LAURA said...

I am so excited to be invited to the bardsleyland blog! Happy Birthday Mark.