Jun 28, 2008

Father's Day

Yes it was a few weeks ago, but I'm still playing catch up here. On Father's Day we had my parents here, and my sister Kristy and her family came up from Portland for the day. We blessed Nate with everyone there, and since we were all dressed up, we took some family pictures. It's a little surreal to see a picture with all 5 of us in it, not to mention nearly impossible to get a good one. Out of seriously about 30 pictures, here are the 2 decent ones (and by decent I mean most everyone is looking at the camera, and nobody has their finger up their nose):

And here are the more entertaining ones:

I can't say for sure that Mark had a fabulous Father's Day (as I recall he did have to do dishes- hey, I did just have a baby). But thanks to my Dad and brother-in-law Bob, it was probably the first Father's day he got to sit around and watch sports, as you can see here:

And here he is enjoying the fruits of fatherhood:

The certificate is an award for "flying kites" and Mia is modeling the tie that he got to wear to church, decorated by Sam. Mark is an amazing dad, and definitely the "fun" parent of the 2 of us. In fact, tonight he is out camping in the backyard with Mia and Sam. They set up the tent, roasted marshmallows over the grill, made s'mores, and went on a "nature walk" in the backyard. Although as soon as they fell asleep he abandoned them to watch TV, but hey, I would have done the same thing. (I'm sure both kids will be disappointed to wake up in their own beds tomorrow morning, but with the sun up and bright as day at 5 AM here, I'm not taking my chances). Here are some pictures of the happy campers:

We think he's pretty awesome.

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Sara said...

Ahhhh, that Mark! What a great guy! That camping looked really fun.