Jun 24, 2008

Visit from Grandma and Grandpa Stovall

My parents came to visit for a week, and they set right to work helping me and spoiling the kids.
This is grandchild #14 for them.
Here is my dad creating a new generation of golf fans while watching the US Open. Mia's vocabulary now includes bogeys, birdies, and of course, Tiger.

Doing what Grandmas do best...
My Dad and Mia took the train down to Portland to visit my sister Kristy, and her family for a few days. Mia was so excited to go on the train, and she and grandpa had a great time together. Here they are waiting at the train station. While staying with her cousins, she was having such a fun time, she didn't even miss us.
According to my parents, it was a tragedy that our children didn't have crocs. So here they are in their new shoes, thanks to Grandma and Grandpa. And Mia and Sam couldn't be happier recipients; Sam even sleeps in his.

Thanks Mom and Dad!


Anonymous said...

You've gotta love a good pair of Crocs!

I'm so glad your parents came and offered some relief during the babies first weeks.

Sorry the return to fitness didn't go so well. Can I do anything (from a non-fitness, trying to be fit friend?)


Gramps (as Ryan currently calls your Dad) just likes to find different ways of spoiling the grandkids.

Since we live so close to them the boys get more matinees and trips to McDonalds.

While it may be a travesty, they remain Croc-less.

Don and Joyce said...

I really did enjoy taking Mia and Nicky on the train ride. I'm also glad that Joyce and I got our pictures on your blog. We had a great visit.


OK so I reread your blog and noticed that you had a hyperlink for the US Open.

Jeez that was funny.

I will click through all future links.

That article only highlights a minor portion of the absurdity of golf. Last year the guy referenced in the article made $147 million using sticks to put balls in holes in the ground.

If that guy can make that much doing that I figure my nail in the nose trick ought to be worth 7 or 8 hundred.

Eric Devericks said...

I am glad to hear you are all still alive and kicking, I drove passed your house yesterday and said a little silent prayer for you. I really need to come over and hold Nate again, he just keeps getting cuter and cuter!

Neva said...

Joyce and Don ... gotta love them. Your mom still holds the bravery award for all those trips she took us Young Women on. Yosemite, anyone?