Jun 22, 2008


It's about time to catch up on things. I wouldn't say we're quite back to "normal," or "functional," but were we ever really either of those things in the first place? However, most of the time I know what day it is now, and I can usually tell you my kid's names, so that's a good sign. And we did attempt a family trip to Costco yesterday, which may be a good sign, or it may be a sign of insanity- we're not sure. There have been so many blog-worthy moments during the last few weeks that I've wanted to photograph or write about, but just wasn't able to get around to. Most are now lost in the haze which I've come to accept as my new cognitive state. Stringing together coherent sentences takes monumental effort these days and makes blogging a little difficult (seriously, you don't know how long this paragraph alone has taken me). Here's what I really feel like writing now: Me tired, baby cute.

So while I'm working on getting some pictures posted and writing commentary at least at a 2nd grade level, here are a few of the highlights that do stand out from the last few weeks:

  • 296 diaper changes between Sam and Nate (aka: Poopsmith I and Poopsmith II).
  • Finding all 5 of us in our full-size bed one night around 3 AM.
  • Having a freshly cleaned carpet (thanks mom!) only to discover that cleaning it resurrected the sour milk smell from Sam's 1/2 gallon spill 6 months ago. It stunk for 4 days.
  • Watching Lars and the Real Girl- hilarious!
  • Hearing myself say things like: "Sam, please don't put your sandwich on the baby's head," and "Yes, you can have Goldfish for breakfast. Now shut my door and go watch TV- Mommy needs to sleep."
  • Falling asleep in Sam's room while putting him to bed one night, and waking up to find Mark also asleep in Mia's room, and both Mia and Sam running around the house and wreaking havoc.

It's been a fun ride so far.

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jules said...

I started laughing out loud at "poopsmith." You crack me up. How do you find the energy to be witty? :)

I love the last one about the kids running around and you guys in their beds. You should have had them make you breakfast!