Jun 23, 2008

Pictures of Nate

One week old

Two weeks old

Three weeks oldThis is our secret weapon: swaddle him up tight, put him in the bouncer slightly on his side, put it on vibrate, plug him with the binky, and turn on some white noise. Works like a charm every time.

Man we love this kid. I swear he's been smiling at us since week one. I love his crazy hair and his funny expressions. I love that he's such a good sleeper. Sam loves to give him kisses, and Mia begs to play with him in her room. Mark loves to cuddle with him.
Basically, we're all pretty infatuated.


Arnold and Denise said...

Donna, its Arnold. I am very jealous of Nates hair. I spend lots of time and money to attempt that style. Denise is gushing right now. Any reservations on having kids while in school have probably been pushed back that much further thanks to these pictures. Thank you!

LAURA said...

Nate is absolutely gorgeous! I hope my baby will sleep that good early on.


That second to the last picture eyes open face forward is pretty cool.

You've got yourself a little heartthrob there.

Kacey said...

He is sooo adorable, Donna. I especially love his wild hair. It sounds like you are doing a great job so far. I truly admire you for managing 3 kids!

jules said...

Nate is so adorable!! CONGRATULATIONS! I haven't looked at your blog since you had him. Hang in there - it gets pretty crazy with three kids, especially when you are nursing!