Aug 22, 2008


Things I've been meaning to post:
  • Ahhh, the Olympics. For a long time I couldn't bring myself to watch any Olympic Games because I would get so depressed for everyone who didn't get a medal, but now I've found the silver lining: ridiculous commentators and reporters. Our favorite so far was a woman interviewing Ryan Lochte and asking him what is was going to take for him to beat Michael Phelps. Ummm, how about... swim faster?
  • Mia has become obsessed with REM's "Stand." It was cute for the first 10 times that we had to listen to it in a row. Now I'm begging her, "can't we just listen to 'Wee Sing' again?"
  • A few weeks ago we were sitting in church (Stake Conference), when Sam found some mints that I had bought while pregnant. On the package it says, "ENERGY" in huge letters, so you can imagine how I was feeling when I bought them. I had one, thought is was disgusting and forgot about them until Sam found it in the bottomless pit that is our diaper bag. So I gave him one. And of course Mia wanted one too. Then I started reading the label to find that they were sugar-free (lesson learned: never buy sugar-free mints or sugar-free anything again for that matter), and that they had caffeine. WHO PUTS CAFFEINE IN BREATH MINTS?! Basically, we had just given our small children the equivalent of half a cup of coffee in the middle of a meeting where they were supposed to be quiet and calm. I might has well have given them Red Bull. So, I did what any other ghetto mom would do-- gave one to the baby too. Just kidding. No, I doped up myself. I mean, if they had half a cup of coffee, I might as well have 3 to keep up with them right?
  • While we're talking about questionable parenting, I was with the kids at a McDonald's Playland last week and found myself telling them something along the lines of, "If you don't eat, you can't play." It suddenly occurred to me that I was basically telling my children, "eating this trans-fat-full, cholesterol-laden, pathetic-excuse- for-food is way more important than exercising." What the? I feel the same weirdness at Costco when I tell them they have to eat their hot dogs before they can have their churros. I mean really, is the hot dog that much better nutritionally than a churro? Who am I kidding?
  • Mia is learning how to ride a bike without training wheels, so I've been spending a lot of time running behind her while holding on to her bike seat on the sidewalk in front of our house. The whole time I'm singing the song from the old Mormon commercial, you know the one. Sing with me now, "You know you never played ball very well/but mother you never failed me/You gave me the best you had/and if you feel bad/missing your masters degree/well I hope you know at least/that I'm your masterpiece/mother you never failed me!" Classic.
  • I went to a baby shower for a friend recently and one of the other guests happened to be one of the nurses assigned to me after I had Nate. In fact, she was the one on duty when I passed out in the bathroom and everyone thought I was bleeding to death. We laughed about it, chatted for a while, and then it was a little weird when I realized, "man, this lady took my catheter out." Awkward.
  • Last week when I was putting the kids to bed one night, it got a little...tense. I heard Mia yell out, "Sam, we have a mean mom, huh?" No, you have a mother who needs a vacation. And speaking of...
  • It was one year ago that we took our vacation to Hawaii without our kids. I feel a little cheated that since I hadn't started this blog yet, I didn't get to post about how super AWESOME it was. And seriously, it was. I didn't even know the meaning of the word "incredible" until I ate at Mama's Fish House on Maui. In memory:


SUZY "LA JEFA" said...

Your blog always makes me laugh and it helps me to remember that others are going through the crazy-where is my brain-swimming in laundry-I feel good because I put on deodorant today-type of day.

Anonymous said...

Those are some good thoughts...I love that Mia is obsessed with REM. If it makes you feel any better, Noah is obsessed with the movie Juno. Yes, you heard me, Juno. He's a sick kid.

Asher and Amy said...

Oh, you make me laugh. I can't wait to talk to you at the reunion. I enjoy reading your blog. Mine will bore you so don't go there.

HeatherB said...

Before we had kids we were out to lunch with Dan's sister and she was yelling at her boys to eat their fries or they wouldn't get any ice cream. We laughed. Little did we know that similar words would be coming out of our lips in the future. Where did you get the caffeine mints?! I can't even keep up with my kids when they are not dopped up.

Patty said...

I love your random thought and miss talking to you on runs. I am glad you are all well. My favorite is the mints and church. Love ya.